Municipality of Pustec

Municipality of Pustec  is  a local public authority covering an area of 198.68 km²  with a population of 3,290 residents. This municipality consists of 1 administrative unit. The municipality has under its administration 9 villages.

Pustec is a favorable area for the development of summer tourism. Rich microclimates, Prespa Lake,beautiful panoramic views with harmonious landscaping, traditional dishes, old buildings on the shore of Prespa Lake from the 13th and 14th centuries, as well as the Maligrad island are the main attractions of this area. Prespa Lake in addition to the natural beauty it offers is also known for its rich flora and fauna.

The surrounding region lies within the Prespa National Park. The area is characterized by ancient stone churches dating back to 12th centrury.This area is known for its cultural and historical heritage with a great potential for cultural tourism developing.

The municipality is divided in 25 departments and has 55 employees. It also consists of a special department of implementation of programs related to cultural and tourist issues. As a local public authority has also the capacity of influence directly the local policies.

Anti-Cracker Shield Albania

ACSHA is a non-governmental organization based in Albania.

It was created on April 2014 from specialized informatics programmers and IT specialists.

Its main objectives are:

– Continuing education against online risks

– Copyright protection

– Online music and artistic privacy

– Against Online frauds

and many others within Informatics and Cyber security fields.

These objectives are clear and cover social, economic, legal, criminal, civil aspects that are of assistance to society and the community. The Activity Fields are very large and encompasses the most diverse sectors such as in Education, including all levels of educational Institutions, the fields of Art, Culture, Innovation and European Integration programs, assistance, advice and draft legislation on the improvement of current legal articles, proposals for the opening and development of special bodies in the Organs of Law and Justice. Also in daily interest groups that are internet and computer users in the workplace or more narrow family groups such as family members.

Some of the project and programs that ACSHA had run in the past are:

“Buy Online and had sweet dreams” with the clients of a second level Bank. The specialists of the ACSHA trained this client how to buy online with their credit and debit cards without had risk for fraud.

“Continuing education against online pedo -pornography and porno-pedophile” with student target groups in many educational levels of Korca. It was a nice cooperation between ACSHA, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Regional Directorate of Education.

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